Welcome Philippines in our future 2018

Welcome blue Planet IP:

The World is silent for 6 minutes

Philippines time now:

2-way- Satellite Internet in Philippines
TV + Radio + Video Channels
Landline and Cell Phone

Up to 20 Mbps with unlimited traffic

888.00 PHP per Month

Eurosat 2 Connect:
2 Way Satellite Internet for all (2018 in Philippines / new)
Electricity generation: Free Energy for all (2019 in Philippines / new)
Farmers, Food, Mall
Cheap Markets (2018 in Philippines / new)
Clean Water for all:
Free clean drinking water (2019 in Philippines / new)
Home building:
House build with european standard
Soft- and Hardware development
Real estate:
Grassland and Land (Buy and Sale)
Helping Hands (own NGO)
Helping hands for poor Childrens in Philippines / new
and more FREE products...
..If you not know, we can repair,
..then you not destroy before

plant a tree for a green world

and for a better world

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